Awards & Recognition


National Transportation Week

The National Transportation Week Committee is comprised of representatives from the Charleston Motor Carriers Association, the National Defense Transportation Association, the Maritime Association of SC, the Propeller Club of Charleston, the SC Stevedores Association, the SC State Ports Authority and the Custom Brokers & Freight Forwarders Association of Charleston. At the annual NTW Banquet, the Committee recognizes a Leader of the Year and Young Leader of the Year from the Charleston Waterfront Community.

This year, the Propeller Club nominated Billy Lempesis, Harbor Master & Supervisor of Container Cranes for the SC State Port Authority as the NTW Leader of the Year in recognition of his work on behalf of the Charleston Waterfront Community.

The Club’s 2017 nominee for Young Leader of the Year was Dillard Stevens, Business Development Manager at Salmons Dredging Corporation.

Past Nominees Include:
Leader of the Year
2015:  John Cameron
2014:  Barbara Melvin
2013:  Gordon Schreck

Young Leader of the Year
2015: Pat McCrory
2014: Brian Wilson
2013:  Stewart Bauknight

Club Member and Person of the Year

The Propeller Club of Charleston annually selects a Member of the Year and Maritime Person of the Year. These honoree’s are submitted to the Regional and National Organizations to be considered along with individuals from other Clubs around the country. A Regional and National Member and Maritime Person of the year are selected and recognized at the annual Regional and National Conventions. Past nominee’s have included:

Charleston Member of the Year
2017:  Peter Lehman
2016:  Billy Adams
2015:  John Cameron
2014: Jason Odgers
2013 Dean Riegel
2012: Whit Smith
2011: Joanne Fogg
2010: John Hassell
2009: Jerry Baldwin
1994:  Carlton Simons

Charleston Maritime Person of the Year

2017:  Pat Barber
2016:  Mayor Joe Riley
2015: Representative Lindsay Graham
2014: Barbara Melvin
2013 Father Len Williams
2012: Mayor Joe Riley
2011: Vince Marino
2010: Gitta Wombwell
2009: Dr. Kent Gourdin

The Charleston Club and its members have also been recognized at the Regional and National level

Regional Awards
Member of the Year
2016:  Billy Adams
2010: John Hassell
2007: Capt. John Cameron, USCG
2006: Elizabeth Colbert Busch
2001: Gitta Wombwell
1995: Carlton Simons

Maritime Person of the Year
2014: Barbara Melvin
2010: Gitta Wombwell
2009: Kent Gourdin

South East Region Port of the Year
1993:  The Propeller Club, Port of Charleston

National Awards
International Propeller Club Member of the Year
2013: Gitta Wombwell
1999: Carlton Simons

International Propeller Club Port of the Year
2001:  The Propeller Club, Port of Charleston