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The Propeller Club of the Port of Charleston is the largest membership organization on the Charleston waterfront, representing all of the State’s maritime shipping interests.

With 330 members, Charleston has the world’s third-largest Propeller Club. Our members include the leaders of transportation companies that directly serve our State’s and nation’s exporting and importing needs. The Propeller Club hosts an assortment of business meetings, political discussions and social events each year, September through June.

The local club in the Port of Charleston was chartered on January 17, 1933 , and was the 20th Port entered in the National Register. The Propeller Club promotes the development of open, free and fair trade between nations and the furtherance of water-borne and intermodal transportation systems.

While embracing the mission and purpose of the national Propeller Club, the Charleston Propeller Club’s additional mission is to provide a network for those who wish to engage and succeed in transportation and related service industries.

Join us today and become a member of the largest membership organization on the Charleston

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